• Our Shop Truck

    This truck is equiped with an LS Motor built by the man John Bouchard and a Tremec 5 Speed TrueFit Kit from East Side Motorsports. We had a ton of fund building this truck. Equipped with Holley, RideTech, Tremec and so much more. Feel free to call us anytime if you are looking for how to install any of these components in any street rod or truck. 

    We really took our time to get this truck right. Thankfully with all of the vendors we chose to partner with on this build, it really went together with minimal issues. We took wonderful notes on what had to be done to make sure it would look and drive the way we all would desire. 

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  • Tremec is the Choice of Jay Leno's Garage

     Tremec is the Choice of the best


    In this video, Jay Leno goes into detail on why he uses the Tremec Transmissions for his projects.  The benefits of the TKO vs the T56 Magnum and how easy they work with every application. 

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  • Manual Transmission Synchronizers 101

    Tremec Transmision Company has released a great Blog on manual Trans Syncros. See the Post Below:

    Manual Transmission Synchronizers 101

    "You can thank synchronizers for the quick, smooth transitions that you love when shifting your own gears. These unsung heroes in a manual transmission are critical to shift quality and performance.

    We want to give you a better understanding of how they work and some of the key technical advancements in the synchros we use in TREMEC transmissions.

    There are several variations in the specific configuration and components used in synchronizers, but this basic function is the same.

    TREMEC Synchronizer Basics
    These are the components that make up a typical synchronizer assembly. This specific design is used in the TREMEC T-5 and TKO 5-speed transmissions.

    In every synchronizer assembly, there are three primary components:

    • Slider, also referred to as a shift sleeve
    • Keys, balls or struts, depending on the specific design of the synchronizer
    • Blocking rings, also referred to as baulk rings

    In most manual transmissions, gears ride on the output shaft and are meshed to gears on the countershaft. To engage a gear, the slider slides over the teeth on one of the gears. This locks the gear to the output shaft and completes power flow through the transmission from the engine to wheels.

    The synchronizer adjusts shaft speeds and aligns the gears as you shift so the slider can mesh with the next gear.

    There is more than one synchronizer assembly in a manual transmission. The exact number depends on the number of forward gears in the transmission.

    Here a more detailed look at the synchronizer operation when you move the shifter to change gears:

    1. Sliders push against the synchronizer keys, balls or struts, and those push against the blocker ring or baulk ring
    2. The blocker ring is pushed against the cone on the gear, and friction causes shaft speeds to equalize
    3. At equal shaft speeds, keys and notches in the blocker ring align
    4. Slider teeth mesh with teeth along the outside diameter of the blocker ring
    5. The teeth on the blocker ring act as an alignment ramp, allowing the slider to mesh with teeth on the gear

    You can watch how the process works in this animated video.

    TREMEC Magnum vs T-56 Transmission 7
    You can see the blocker and friction rings from the TREMEC TR-6060 and Magnum at left and the T-56 at right. Note that the number of friction surfaces is what designates the basket as a double or triple cone.

    A further improvement on the standard synchronizer design are multi-cone synchronizers, as used in the TREMEC Magnum 6-speed transmission. The multi-cone design increases the amount of friction surface area the synchronizer can utilize to sync the gear speeds, making for even quicker shifts and raising the rpm range."

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  • The Differences Between the TREMEC T-56 and Magnum 6-Speed

    There is a lot of misinformation about the T-56 and Magnum transmissions. TREMEC does a great job of putting them to rest here and laying out the difference between these two platforms.
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  • TREMEC Introduces New 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

    Tremec has announced it's new 7speed Dual Clutch Transmission. See their Press Release below: 



    "Extreme performance with lightning fast shift times

     TREMEC dual-clutch technology has transformed automated manual transmissions with the new TR-9070 DCT. The innovative transmission provides extreme performance with 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque capacity and lightning-fast shift times of less than one-tenth of a second.

    Depending on the situation and mode, the fun-to-drive 7-speed dual-clutch transmission thinks, learns and performs – whether it be normal driving, sporty driving, drag racing or track racing. Software and controls designed by TREMEC engineers provide the desired feel during launch and shifting, making torque control fast and repeatable.

    The main objective of the DCT layout is to make the transmission as light and compact as possible. To this aim, all hydraulics, sensors and clutches are fully integrated into the gearbox. A successful light-weighting strategy incorporates die cast aluminum housings, a compact gear-train arrangement, hollow shafts, a durable, glass-filled polyamide 66 material sump pan, and more.

    “This is a watershed moment for us at TREMEC,” said Matt Memmer, TREMEC engineering director. “All systems and subsystems – from the hardware such as low-leak solenoids and electro-hydraulic actuations systems, to control systems and software – were internally developed for maximum performance.”

    Featuring twin clutches that engage and release in perfect computer-controlled synchronization, the TREMEC DCT transitions from gear to gear with either imperceptible shifts or with the ferocity of an F1 race car. “Our clutch design marries the benefits of wet and dry clutch technologies into a hybrid design,” explains Antonio Herrera, TREMEC’s managing director. “For instance, to withstand the punishing gravitational forces that racetrack drivers encounter, we optimized the oil management system to individually cool the clutches with lubrication and only when needed.” The end result is a controllable thermal load and much lower drag.

    To ensure that the systems will work properly under all circumstances, the TR-9070 DCT is ISO 26262 and ASIL-D compliant.

    The all new TR-9070 DCT combines TREMEC’s 50 plus years of experience in manufacturing performance transmissions with leading-edge design, mechatronics and software. “This new transmission represents a massive investment in terms of both dollars and man hours,” commented global business development director, Dave Hadley. “However the results have proven well worth the effort. The DCT is a masterpiece in transmission design and we’re honored to have played an instrumental role in Ford’s new Shelby Mustang GT500 program.”"


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