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    Next week starts one of the best automotive enthusiasts shows around, LS FEST. Holley puts on this great show twice a year EAST AND WEST coast. Be sure to stop... Read More

    The Syclone is BACK!

    That is right! The Beloved Syclone is back thanks to Specialty Vehicle Engineering . 

     This Conversion by SVE is based on a 2019 GMC Canyon pickup, and its... Read More

    Tremec is the Choice of Jay Leno's Garage

     Tremec is the Choice of the best


    In this video, Jay Leno goes into detail on why he... Read More

    Manual Transmission Synchronizers 101

    Tremec Transmision Company has released a great Blog on manual Trans Syncros. See the Post Below:

    Manual Transmission Synchronizers 101

    "You can thank synchronizers for the quick, smooth transitions... Read More

    The Differences Between the TREMEC T-56 and Magnum 6-Speed

    There is a lot of misinformation about the T-56 and Magnum transmissions. TREMEC does a great job of putting them to rest here and laying out the difference between these two platforms. Read More

    TREMEC Introduces New 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

    Tremec has announced it's new 7speed Dual Clutch Transmission. See their Press Release below: 



    "Extreme performance with lightning fast shift times

     TREMEC dual-clutch technology... Read More