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Chevrolet, Camaro, 1967-1981

HyTech Master Cylinder Mounting Bracket for GM, Ford and MOPAR

If you already have a hydraulic slave cylinder and master cylinder but you need a way to properly mount the master cylinder on your firewall and get it rigged up to your pedals then this patented adjustable firewall bracket will help you finish your project.

When it comes to installing a clutch master cylinder geometry is key.  You want the same pedal ratio and mechanical advantage as the factory set-up.  Our bracket will adjust to the correct factory clutch rod angle for smooth clutch actuation and a lighter pedal on popular models from GM, MOPAR, and most Fords (see note below).

This bracket is compatible with standard SAE master cylinders from companies like Wilwood, Tilton, CNC, and others and comes with a backing plate that stabilizes the firewall to reduce flex.

The kit includes:

  • Patented adjustable firewall mounting bracket in bead-blasted stainless steel,
  • Pedal hardware to connect the master rod to your pedals
  • Hardware and instructions

NOTE: This kit is not compatible with 1965-70 Mustangs or Cougars due to clearance issues.  See our complete kits for these cars elsewhere on the site

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Weight 2 lbs