GM Hydraulic Clutch Actuator System for TKX, TKO, Muncie, T10, Saginaw, Richmond and Jericho

GM Hydraulic Clutch Actuator System for TKO/Muncie/T10/Saginaw/Richmond/Jericho/DN4+3



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Make, Model, and Year
Chevrolet, Camaro, 1967-1981
Chevrolet, Chevelle, 1964-1972
Chevrolet, C10, 1967-1986

GM Hydraulic Clutch Actuator System for TKX/TKO/Muncie/T10/Saginaw/Richmond/Jericho/DN4+3 Kit Includes:

Hytech Concentric Slave - Pre-bled, double width seals
Steel Braided Lines - Teflon Lined Stainless Steel
3/4" Bore Master Cylinder - Black Powder Coated
Hydramax Firewall Mount - Patented Adjustable Mount w/Firewall Stiffener
Reservoir Kit - Remote or local mount, plastic (billet upgrade available)
Pedal Rod and Hardware - Model Specific, Adjustable Length
Fittings, hardware and complete instructions.

NOTE: Kit includes pedal rods for 1967-81 F-body, 1964-72 A-body, 1964-78 X-body, 1955-57 Chevy, 1958-70 Impala/Biscayne, 1955-82 Corvette, all G-bodies. Not compatible with floor-mounted pedals.

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